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Agriculture Production 

India, Asia

10th April 2024, The Major Four (Rice, Wheat, Coarse Grains & Oil seeds) production has slightly improved compared to the previous month and has increased by 5.16% compared to the previous year. The area sown has only increased by 2.2% compared to last year resulting in better yield, especially in Coarse Grains. This might help control the upper limit of prices in the coming months.

Agriculture Production .png

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Bank Card Default Rate 

USA, North America

3rd April 2024, The higher for longer rates are having an impact on overall default rates in the USA. The bank card defaults have been highest after unsecured personal loans. The lowest default rate was 0.91% in July 2021 due to the moratorium on payments. But in the past 12 months, it has steadily climbed to a recent high of 2.59%. This might impact retail spending in the near term with some level of financial stability risk to certain banks. 

BANK Card Defaults.png

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